Google Launches Cloud DNS In Preview

Google made a bunch of announcements about its Cloud Platform earlier this week, including Cloud DNS, a Domain Name System services to give developers a “highly available, reliable, and inexpensive “way to publish DNS zones and records. Google previously blogged about some of its other big announcements like price drops, sustained-use discounts, managed virtual machines, expanded Compute […]

Useful Facts About SEO and Social Media

How do SEO and social media help drive traffic to your online business? When it comes to driving traffic to your business, SEO and social media platforms both play major roles. To better understand how SEO and social media platforms help your business, it would be easier to look at facts and statistics so you […]

A little guide to small business content marketing

Marketing is a fickle animal. The multi-headed hydra of analytics, theory, and outright instincts leverages our understanding of human perception to the betterment of brand perception. With an explanation like this, it’s easy to understand why copious, dense volumes of information and thousands of pages of research exist to help explain the science of crafting […]

Internet of things means trillions for public sector

Some of the new Internet-connected devices could be fairly easy to compromise, because they are usually not audited for security, and they lack the security protections more traditional devices have. They are rushed to market without the ability to be updated with security patches, and they usually have default passwords, noted Ken Westin, security researcher […]

The Truth About Twitter Statistics

Twitter is a content producing machine. With over 555 million users releasing 5,700 tweets per second, finding a captive audience for your company’s updates is daunting at best. A new report on Twitter stats has also revealed a depressing reality; active accounts (those that have posted in the last 30 days) have a median average […]

The Three Big Mistakes You’re Making in Your E-Mail Marketing

As many small businesses turn to e-mail marketing to play an important role in their overall marketing efforts, it is crucial to roll out such a campaign fully aware of the potential pitfalls to avoid. A lot of businesses engage in e-mail marketing without the proper knowledge and, more often than not, end up alienating […]

Hackers use 100,000 home devices, including a smart fridge, to launch Cyber-Attack

Computers, tablets and Smartphones are not the only devices vulnerable to hackers. In fact, any Internet-connected home appliance can fall victim to a botnet — and that is just what computer security firm Proofpoint has discovered. More than 100,000 Smart devices, such as home-networking routers, connected multi-media centers, televisions and at least one refrigerator, have […]

Common mistakes that might destroy your advertising campaigns

During the last few years, social media has entered our lives like a shot and intertwined with all the spheres of our everyday activities. From just a platform for communication, social media has evolved into a more complex and influential resource. It has turned into a powerful tool for companies and businesses to be engaged […]

How to Eliminate WordPress Blog Comment Spam

One of the most serious problems with any blogging system, including WordPress, is that the comments area is wide open to that scourge of the Internet, spammers. In this case, it’s comment spam. Comment spam is created by people seeking to boost their Google rankings by having lots of links pointing to their own websites. […]

How does marketers get the most out of Facebook?

How does marketers get the most out of Facebook? When your marketing campaign fails to deliver value, who’s to blame – the marketer or the platform? the solution might fall into both camps. Marketers who concentrate more on the inventive than the audience might get plenty of likes however little come on investment. Likewise, swing […]

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